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Brand Beer Name Type ABV IBUs Rating size Description More info xtra xtra
Brand Name of Beer Type  ABV%
Founders All day ipa IPA 4.7
Founders Pc Pilsner Pilsner 5.5
Mikkeller Invasion IPA Pale Ale 8
Mikkeller Hoppy lovin' christmas Pale Ale 8
Mikkeller Uppreciation pils Pilsner 5
Mikkeller Wheat is the new hopps Pale aAle 6
Mikkeller Spontanyuzu Sour Ale 7
Mikkeller Spontancassis Ale 7
Mikkeller American dream Pilsner 4.6
Prairie Artisanales Prairie ace Dry hopped 7.5
Prairie Artisanales Brett C. Farm house ale 8.1
Prairie Artisanales Prairie Flare Ale 5.4
Prairie Artisanales Americana Dry hopped 8
Prairie Artisanales Prairie Ale Ale 8.2
Prairie Artisanales Prairie Anniversary Sour Ale 6.5
Prairie Artisanales Trrl Idition Sour Ale 6.66
Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA Pale Ale  7.5
Dogfish Head Oak aged moble rot Ale 9
Dogfish Head Miles davis Batches Ale 9
Founders Lizard of Koz Imperial stout 10.5
Dogfish Head Red and white Imperial Ale 10
Stone Bitter chocolate oatmeal stout Ale 9.2
Stone Imperial mutt brown Ale 9
Stone Imperial Russian stout stout 11
Stone 6th Anniversary Porter Porter 9
Stone Old guardian Bourbon stout 11.4
Left hand Bittersweet coffee stout 8.7
Left hand Wake up dead Imperial Ale 10.2
Left hand Wiced Ju J u Imperial Ale 7.2
Stone Belgo anise Russian stout 10.5
Heavy seas/Stone The partnerships Brown IPA 9
Revolution Straightjacket Barley Ale 12.2
Revolution Very mad cow Milk stout 9.7
Revolution Bean Gene Porter 8.5
Stone Vertical epic Ale 8.9
Revolution Mean Gene  Porter 8.5
5 Rabbit Yodo conleche Porter 8
Smokestack Series Love child Sour Ale 8.2
Lietmans Goudenband Ale 6
Castle Fond Tradition Belgian Ale 6.5
Hanssens  Dude gueuze Ale 6
Victory Sour Monkey Sour Ale 9.5
Castle Gueuze Fondtradition Belgian Ale  
Double Mountain Devil's Kriek Sour Ale 9.3
Castle Kriek St. louis Belgian Ale  
Evil Twin Sour bikini Sour Pale ale 3
Lindemans Pomme Apple beer  
Lindemans Framboise Raspberry beer  
Old beersel Oude Kriek vieille malt 6
Old beersel Framboise malt 5
Jolly pumpkin Biere de mars Sour Ale 7
Jolly pumpkin Bam Noire Dark farmhouse Ale 4.5
Jolly pumpkin Bam Bi'ere Farmhouse Ale 4.5
Jolly pumpkin orode calabaza Oak Ale 8
Portside Sour Lager Sour 8.2
Jolly pumpkin calabaza boreal belgian biere 7
Jolly pumpkin weizen bam Wheat beer  
Against the grain 35k stout 7
Jolly pumpkin saison Ale 6.8
Jolly pumpkin Fuego del otono  Ale 6.1
Jolly pumpkin I.O. Saison Baudelaire biere 6.8
Jolly pumpkin madrugada obscura Dark stout 8.1
Strabbic Cerveceria Ponche Ale 11.5
Longtrail Culmination Ale 9.3
Buffalo Bills Blood orange Ale 9
Heavy seas Siren Noire Imprial stout 9.5
Heavy seas Below decks Barley wine Ale 12.2
Heavy seas Plank IV Belgian Ale 10.5
Heavy seas The great pumpkin Imperian Ale 10
Heavy seas Yule tide Ale 9
Heavy seas/Union Partnerships Olde Ale 8.5
Southern tier Tier De garder Pale Ale 8.1
Southern tier Grand Arbor Farmhouse ale 8.1
Southern tier Chocklat-oranj Stout 10
Southern tier Imperial ginger beer ginger beer 8.5
Southern tier Pumpking Pumpkin beer 8.6
Southern tier Cr'eme Brule'e Milk stout 10
Jolly pumpkin la Parcela Pumpkin Ale 5.9
Crooked stave l'Brette d'Blueberry Sour Ale 6
Crooked stave Hop Savant Pale Ale 7
Brothers drake One line coffee Honey wine 12
Brothers drake Apple pie Apple honeywine 13
Mad tree/crafted Mad craft nucleus Braggot ale -
Crafted The dispear wine 6
Crafted Bananas foster forever wine 6
B. Nektar American Maniacs Apple mead 14
B. Nektar Cherry chipotle - 14
B. Nektar Episode 13 honey wine 15.5
B. Nektar Devil's juice juice 15.5
B. Nektar Sleeping giant mead 15.1
B. Nektar Apple pi Apple mead 15.1
B. Nektar The zombies take manhattan apple honey wine 12
B. Nektar Slice of life Hard cider 5.5
B. Nektar Dwarf Invasion mead 6
Crafting divine Koyt gruit bier Gruit beer 8.5
Cuv'ee des Jacobins Rouge Sour -
BFM Cuv'ee alex le rouge Stout 10.28
BFM Saison Ale 5
BFM Le meule Golden ale 6
BFM Douze golden ale 6.5
Sam'l smith Organic strawberry Fruit ale -
Sam'l smith Organic Chocolate malt -
Sam'l smith Organic raspberry Ale -
Alesmith Grand cru Ale 10
Roden bach Loll vintage Oak Ale 7
Roden bach Caraca'ere rouge Ale 9.4
Unibroue Ephemere Ale 5.5
Unibroue Terrible Dark Ale 10.5
Unibroue La re'solution Dark ale 10
Beaujardin Rougeberries malt 4.5
Beaujardin Framboise malt 3.5
Farnum Hill Farmhouse cider Cider 6.5
E.Z. Orchards Poire cider 5.9
E.Z. Orchards Hawk Haus Cider 6.6
Ace Blackjack 21 Premium craft cider Cider 6
Crafted Oaked raspberry blossom mead 12
Alesmith IPA pale ale 7.25
Alesmith Horny devil Ale 10
Alesmith Yule Smith Ale 8.5
Alesmith Old Numbskull Ale 11
Smokestack Funkier pumpkin Sour Ale 8.5
Alesmith Olde Ale British Ale 11
Vandermill Too cold Cider 6.8
The wild beer co. l duna cru Ale -
The wild beer co. Somerset Saison Ale 9
The wild beer co. Koisch German ale 5.2
Double Mountain Vaporizer Pale ale 6
Double Mountain Cluster IPA 7.3
Double Mountain IRA  IPA 6.5
Double Mountain Hop lava IPA 7
Mission Mission Ipa IPA 6.8
Mission Cortez gold Blonde ale 5
Founders Re-dankulous IPA 9.5
Founders Dissenter IPL 8.7
Smaltz Bock bock lager 9.2
Two Brothers Peppermint bark porter 6.7
Black diamond Rampage IPA 9
Moab brewery Desert seleet Rye Ale -
Evil twin Liquid double fudge Stout 12
Evil twin Beavertown XXX - 9.5
Evil twin Femme fat ale Yuzu pale IPA 6
Evil twin Femme fafale Kaboso IPA 6
Evil twin Ron and the beast Ryan Saison Ale 7
Evil twin From amager with love Stout 12
Evil twin Mosaic single hop… lager 8
Clown shoes Moses and the misfits cream ale 9.1
Clown shoes Aurora orangealis IPA 7.5
Clown shoes Coffee Pecan Pie Porter 8.5
Clown shoes Blaecorn Unidragon Stout 12.5
Clown shoes Ohio Unidragon stout 12.5
Clown shoes Archdruid Red Ale 9
Clown shoes Exorcism at sunset Stout 12.5
Clown shoes White tailonid ragoon Stout 12
Lagunitas Wilco tango foxtrot Ale 7.85
Lagunitas Equinox Ale 8.4
Lagunitas Imperial Stout 9.9
Lagunitas The hairy eyeball Ale 9.1
Lagunitas Pills Pilsner 8.6
Lagunitas Lucky 13 Red ale 8.65
Amager Bryghus Black Nitro Ale 7.5
Boulder Beer Good trip Tripel 9
Buffalo Bills  Black Pumpkin Stout 7.9
Abita  Honey Pale Ale Ale 9.5
Founders Mango magnifico Ale 10
Breckenridge Twenty five Vanilla porter 9.8
Breckenridge 72 Imperial stout 7.2
Breckenridge Tequila Barrel aged ophelia Ale 6.6
Breckenridge Barrel 471 IPA IPA 9.7
Alpine Beer co. Hppy Birthday IPA -
Alpine Beer co. Duet IPA -
Alpine Beer co. Nelson IPA -
Cambridge Brewery The audacity of hops Pale ale 8
Alpine Beer co. Mandarin nectar honey ale -
Omnipollo Fatamorgana IPA 8
Local option Walk of shame Saison Ale 5.8
Local option Die konigin lager 6.5
Trappist Orval trappist ale 6.9
Platform New cleveland Palesner 5
Platform Highbrow barista Pale ale 6
Platform The project Pale ale 5.1
Platform Paul Cider 6
Platform Warrah IPA 8.5
Platform Speed merchant IPA 6.6
Platform Tang life Weisser 3.8
B. Nektar The dudes rug Cider 5.5
B. Nektar Black fang Mead 6
Castle  Gueuze fond tradition Ale -
Lover Beer Madamin Ale 6.2
Brounkers Verzet Oud bruin Ale 6
Brouweru vansteenberge Gulden draak Ale 10.7
Evil twin matolen Ale 6.5
Birrifico del ducato Brett peat daydream Ale  7
Evil twin fire water Pale ale 5.5
Avery Vanilla bean stout Stout 11.5
Revoultion T.V. Party Rye IPA 7.6
Green flash Imperial Ale Pale ale 9
North coast Brewing Old rasputin - 9
Still water Migdal bavel Saison Ale 6.7
Old beersel Framboise Ale 6.5
Two brothers Red eye coffee Port  9.2
Stone hibiscusi city Ale 7.4
Stone Sprocket Bier Ale 5.4
Stone Grapefruitslam IPA Ale 8.2
Portside Bully hayes Rye IPA 10
Crafted Belgian Mead Jito Honey wine 6
Crafted Jinja dragon Honey wine 6
Alesmith Douuble red IPA 8.5
Unibroue Frande reserve 17 Ale 10
Vicaris Tripel gueuze   10
Dupont Arcecies bons voeux dela Brasserie Saison Ale 9.5
Alesmith Grandcru Ale 10
Dogfish head Rosabi IPA 8
Meantime Russian imperial Stout 8.5
Vanberg and dewuif iambrucha Ale 3.5
Dubussion Scaldis Triple 10.5
Vieille provision Cuvee dry hopping Saison -
New holland Four witches Saison 8.92
Heavy seas 20 year storm ESB 10
Alesmith My bloody valentine Ale 6.66
Hoppin' frog Silk porter Porter 6.2
Hoppin' frog Barrel aged naked evil BBW Ale 11.3
Mikkeller 2013 holiday ale Ale -
Stone tangerine express Ipa 6.7
Evil twin Mr. gose Malt 4
Alaskan Smoked porter Porter 6.5
Longtrail Culmination Ale 9.3
Ballast point Black marlin Porter 6
Southern tier Gemini super hopped - 9
Avery Hog heaven - 9.2
Clown shoes Brown angel - 6.9
Dogfish head Chateau Jiahu Ale -
olvisholt brugghus Lava Stout 9.4
Breckenridge Vanilla porter - -
Breckenridge Mango mosaic Pale Ale 5.5
Breckenridge Small 417 batch  IPA 9.2
Breckenridge Agave wheat  Ale -
Breckenridge Chocolate orange  Stoutr 6
De halve maan Straffe hendrir Triple Ale 9
St. Bernardus Watou Abbey Ale 10
Delirium Nucturnum Ale 8.5
Delirium Argentum Ale 7
Delirium Tremens Ale 8.5
Rogue Voodoo doughnut Ale -
Rogue Chocolate stout stout -
Rogue Rogue rooster sauce Stout 5.7
Boulder beer killer penguin Ale 10
De proef Bouket Farmhouse ale 6.5
Dediolle oerlere Ale 9
Brouwers ara bier Ale 8
Castle kasteel rouge -
Sanctus arnolds steen brugge tripel ale 8.7
Sierra nevada Ovila Dubbel 8.5
Castle Cuvee du chateau Kasteel 11
B.R. Verhaeghe Du chesse de Bourgogne Ale 6
Weyerbacher tango Dark ale 10.7
Stif engelzell gregorius Ale 9.7
Abbaya stremy Trappistesrochefort Ale 9.2
Br. De Silly Pink killer Malt 5
Chimay Grand reserve ale Ale 9
Chimay Premiere ale Ale 7
Chimay Cinq cents Ale 8
De dochter van de korenaar Crime passionnel IPA 7.5
Nebuchadneezzar Nebuchadneezzar IPA 8.5
Abita  Two boots Saison 6.2
Left hand Smoke jumper Porter 8.8
Mission Holiday Ale Dark ale 8.6
Perrin Brewing No rules Porter 15
Bear republic Big bear black Stout 8.1
Innist gunn Bourbon aged stout stout 7.4
Epic Big bad baptist Stout 12.8
Epic Brainless raspberries Ale 9.1
Epic fermentation representation Pumpkin Porter 8.1
Epic Elder Brett Saison #####
Latrappe Dubbel Ale 700%
Jackie'Os Berllner weisse beer #####
Jackie'Os Dark apparition Stout 12.7
Jackie'Os Burking pumpkin Ale 9
Jackie'Os Oro negro Stout 10
Jackie'Os Brick kiln Barley wine 11.8
Jackie'Os Paw paw wheat Ale 12.7
The bruery Rugbrod Dark rye ale 8
The bruery Terreux Saison 8.5
The bruery Mischief Ale 8.5
The bruery Autumn maple Ale 10
The bruery 9 ladies dancing Ale 11.3
Ommegang Shadow brewer Stout 9.4
Ommegang Game of thrones Ale 6.9
Twelve percent Stout rullquin Ale 7
De dochter vande korenaar Embrasse Beer 9
De proef  Lozen boer Ale 10
Gouden carolus Cuvee van de keizer Ale 10
Gouden carolus Noel Ale 10.5
Clown shoes Pecan pie porter Malt 8
Hoppin' frog Turbo shandy Citris ale 7
Hoppin' frog Re-pete Ale 10.4
Hoppin' frog D.O.R.I.S the destroyer Stout 10.5
Hoppin' frog Double pumpkin frogs hollow Ale 8.4
Hoppin' frog Oktoberfest froggy style Lager 7.3
Hoppin' frog Tower Tuesday Porter 6.2
Hoppin' frog T.O.R.I.S the tryant  Stout 13.8
Crooked line jacked Imperial pumpkin 10.31
Crooked line Cahoots Rye IPA 9.4
Smoke stack Rye on rye Ale 14
Smoke stack imperial stout Stout 11
Boulevard Rye on rye Ale 14
Two brothers Heavier handed Double IPA 8.1
Great divide Old ruffian Ale 10.2
Great divide yeti chocolate Stout 9.5
Great divide yeti  Stout 9.5
Great divide Yeti oatmeal Stout 9.5
Anchorage Brewing Galaxy IPA 7
Anchorage Brewing Mosaic  Saison Saison 6.5
Anchorage Brewing Love buzz Saison 8
Anchorage Brewing Bitter monk Double IPA 9
Anchorage Brewing Whiteout Wit beer 6.5
Buckeye Brewery Hippie IPA IPA -
Maine beer co. MO Pale ale 6
Latrappe Quadrupel Ale 10
De Proef Cleveland Belgian rye IPA 8
Arcadia ales Shipwreck Porter malt 12
Arcadia ales Loch-up Scotch ale 12
Brew dog coco psycho Stout 10
Fishtale ales The hobbit Gollum Pilsner 9
Fishtale ales The hobbit Bolg Belgian tripel 9.5
Fishtale ales The hobbit Smaug Stout 8.5
Alpine Beer co. Nelson IPA -
Alpine Beer co. Mandarin nectar Honey ale -
Avery Tangerine quad Belgian ale 10.1
Green flash Le freak IPA 9.2
Green flash Mosaic session IPA 4.5
Blue mountain Long winters nap Lager 10
Still water Sensory series 3. pale ale 6.9
Still water Arcana Farmhouse stout 6.5
Bison Organic kermit the hop IPA 8.5
Leelanau whaleback White ale 5.2
Leelanau Petoskey Pale ale 5.5
Logsson Seizoen bretta Farmhouse ale 8
Logsson Seizoen   Farmhouse ale 7.5
Logsson Straffe drieling Tripel 8.8
Logsson Kiliwit Organic beer 5.5
Stillwater Mo-no Pilsner 5.2
Stillwater Vacuum IPA 8
Stillwater Projector IPA 9
Stillwater Stereo IPA 7
Avery The kaiser Lager 9.5
Avery Czar Stout 10.1
Avery Maharaja IPA 10.2
Avery Dugana IPA 8.5
Avery Raspberry sour Sour ale 6.5
Avery Twenty two Dark ale 6
Avery Twenty three Dry-hop Ale 7.9
Omnipollo Blanca Ale 6
Avery/Litigation Collaboration not litigation Ale 8.9
Columbus IPA IPA 6.3
Columbus Thunderlips Pale ale 5.3
Columbus SFW Ale 4.7
Columbus Inverness Ale 5.7
Columbus Sohio stout Ale 8.3
Goose island 312 Ale 4.2
5 rabbit  IPA IPA 5.9
5 rabbit 5 Vulture Ale 6.4
5 rabbit 5 Lizard Wit bier 4.3
Kentucky Bourbon barrel Ale Ale -
Kentucky Blackberry Porter porter -
Kentucky Bourbon barrel stout stout -
Mia Tourist trappe tripel ale 10
Mia Mega mix Pale ale 6
Ciderboys Grand mimosa Cider 5
Wyndridge Crafty cranberry cider 5.5
Ace Perry hard cider Cider -
Ace Berry hard cider Cider -
Ace Pneapple hard cider Cider -
Original sin Pear cider Cider -
Angry orchard Crisp apple Cider 5
Angry orchard Easy apple Cider 4.2
New england's Down east Cider 5.1
Oska blues Hot box Coffee porter 6.5
Oska blues Ten fidy Imperial stout 10.5
Dales pale ale Dalegating Pale ale -
Oska blues Yella Pils  5.3
Oska blues Old chub Scotch ale 8
Oska blues IPA IPA 6.4
Oska blues Priscilla Wit wheat 5.2
Wyndridge Barn dog Porter 7
Fort colling brewing (FCB) Big shot Seasonal ale -
Tommyknocker Oaked back malt 8
Wittekerke Wittekerke White beer 5
Wittekerke Wild - 5
Abita  Christmas Ale Seasonal ale -
Weyerbacher Imperial pumpkin Pumpkin ale 8
Boulevard Irish ale red ale -
Alpine Beer co. Hoppy birthday Pale ale 5.25
Magic hat Not quite pale ale - 5.1
Goose island Sofie Farmhouse ale 6.5
Goose island Matilada Pale ale 7
Stillwater On fleek Imperial stout 13
Stillwater No-tropic Pale ale 6
Evil twin Freudian slip barley wine 10.3
Evil twin Yin Tiji stout 10
Evil twin I love you with my stout Stout 12
Evil twin Imperial Biscotti Break Stout 11.5
Evil twin Even more jesus Stout 12
Evil twin Hop flood Amber ale 7
Evil twin Ashtray heart Smoked porter 8.9
Evil twin Lowlife Pilsner 5.5
Offcolor Scurry Kottbusser beer 5.3
Offcolor Apex predator Farmhouse ale 6.5
Stillwater Existent Ale 7.4
Stillwater Stateside saison 6.8
Stillwater Why cant IBU Ale 5.7
Stillwater Cellar door Ale 6.6
Stillwater As follows Golden ale 9
Stillwater De butante Ale 6.4
Sibling rivelry IPA Pale ale 6.5
Great lakes Dortmunder gold Lager 5.8
Great lakes Burning river Pale ale 6
Great lakes Commodore Perry  IPA 7.7
Great lakes Eliot ness Amber lager 6.1
Great lakes Chill wave Double IPA 9
Great lakes Edmund fitzgerald Porter 6
Great lakes Turntable Pils 5.3
Great lakes Conways irish ale Ale 6.5
Goldenroad Wolf among weeds IPA 8
Ciderboys Peach country Cider 5
Ciderboys Raspberry smash Cider 5
Ciderboys Strawberry magic Cider 5
Ciderboys Mad bark Cider 5
New Belgium Folly Variety pack -
New Belgium Fat tire Amber ale 5.2
New Belgium Voodoo ranger 8 hop Pale ale 5.5
New Belgium Voodoo ranger IPA IPA 7
New Belgium Voodoo ranger Imperial IPA Imperial IPA 9
New Belgium Day blazer Ale 4.8
New Belgium Whizbang Blonde ale 5.7
Alpine Beer co. Willy Vanilly Wheat ale 5.5
Alpine Beer co. Windows up Pale ale 7
Crabbies Original ginger beer 4.8
Crabbies Orange ginger beer 4.8
Bear republic Hop shovel IPA 7.5
Bear republic Café' racer Double IPA 9.75
Sierra nevada Pale ale Plae ale 5.6
Sierra nevada Side car Pale ale 5.3
Sierra nevada Torpedo Extra IPA 7.2
Sierra nevada Tropical torpedo IPA 6.7
Sierra nevada Big foot barley wine 9.6
Sierra nevada Beer camp Golden IPA 6.5
Sierra nevada Porter porter 5.6
Sierra nevada Narwhal Imperial stout 10.2
Sierra nevada Hop hunter IPA 6.2
Sierra nevada Hoptimum IPA 10.4
Sweetwater 420 Extra pale ale 5.7
Sweetwater IPA IPA 6.3
Sweetwater Grass monkey wheat ale 5.4
Omegang Sirens song Dark ale 9
Omegang Rare vos amber ale 6.5
Omegang White wheat ale Wheat ale 5.2
Omegang Grains of truth Harvest ale 5.8
Omegang Three philosophers Quadrupel Ale 9.7
Omegang Rosetta Fruit beer 5.6
Omegang Great beyond Double IPA 8.8
Jackie'Os Mystic mama IPA 7
Jackie'Os Mandala Single IPA 9
Jackie'Os Hop ryot Pale ale 6.5
Jackie'Os Chomo-lungma Brown ale 6.5
Jackie'Os Morning cloak Pale ale 4.5
Jackie'Os Razz wheat wheat ale 5.5
Jackie'Os Java the stout Coffee stout 6.5
Carlsberg Carlsberg Beer 5
Carlsberg Elephant 7.2  
Kronenbourg 1664 Beer 5
Revolution Fist city Pale ale 5.5
Revolution Eugene Porter 6.8
Revolution anti-hero IPA 6.5
Revolution A little crazy Pale ale 6.8
Revolution Local-hero IPA 7.5
Dogfish head Pennsylvania tuxedo  Pale ale 8.5
Dogfish head Festina peach Weisse 4.5
Dogfish head 90 Minute IPA Pale ale 9
Dogfish head 60 minute Ipa IPA 6
Dogfish head Palo santo marron Brown ale 12
Dogfish head Flesh and blood IPA 7.5
Dogfish head Beer to drink music to'17 Tropical blonde 6.8
Dogfish head Hamaste white Witbier 4.8
Six point C.R.E.A.M Coffee blonde 7.2
Six point The crisp Lager 5.4
Six point Resin Ale 9.1
Six point Hi-res Ale 10.5
Six point Bengali Ale 6.5
Six point Sweet action Ale 5.2
Hoppin' frog Mean manalishi Double IPA 8.2
Left hand Extrovert IPA 7.1
Left hand Polestar Pilsner 5.5
Elysian Space dust IPA 8.2
Elysian Immortal IPA IPA 6.3
Elysian Bifrost Ale 8.3
Boulevard Bourbon barrel quad Ale 11.8
Boulevard Dark truth stout stout 9.7
Boulevard Calling IPA 8.5
Boulevard The sixth glass Quadrupel 10.5
Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse ale 8.5
Against the grain citra ass down + crush this beer Double IPA 8.2
Against the grain Pile face IPA 6.5
Against the grain Show nuff Golden ale 4.9
Against the grain Everybody wants some Ipl 6
Maui Pog IPA 7.1
Maui Pineapple mana Wheat ale 5.5
Maui Haleakala sunryes IPA 5.7
Hi-wire Juicy IPA Ipa 4.9
Hi-wire Mosaic IPA IPA 6.7
10 barrel brewing Joe IPA IPA 6.9
Forbidden root WPA Pale ale 5.5
Forbidden root Sublime ginger beer 3.8
Left hand Nitro milk stout milk stout 6
Left hand Nitro Hard wired Porter 6
Left hand Nitro bittersweet milk stout 8.9
Left hand Nitro wake up dead Imperial stout 10.2
Left hand Sweet stout milk stout 6
Kentucky Vanilla cream ale cream ale 5.5
Mikkeller keeper pilsner 5
Great divide hibernation ale oak ale 8.7
ei8ht ball mike czech pilsner 5.5
ei8ht ball dalton's ale 6.5
ei8ht ball prodigal Pale ale 6.5
North coast Brewing Brothers thelonious ale 9.4
North coast Brewing Red sea ale copper pale ale -
North coast Brewing Puck the beer saison -
North coast Brewing Le merie saison -
Heavy seas Loose cannon ipa 7.25
Heavy seas Double cannon Double IPA 9.5
Heavy seas Tropi cannon Citris IPA 7.25
Heavy seas Peg leg stout 8
Heavy seas Alpha effect IPA 7
Nowhere in particular Batch number 006 Double IPA 9.4
Sibling rivelry Red   red ale 5.5
Platform Shanghi noon gose 4.2
Stay coastal coronado Islander IPA IPA 7
Stay coastal coronado Snowy plover IPA 7
Schofferhofer Grapefruit  Bier 2.5
Boulder beer Shake Chocolate porter 5.9
North coast Brewing Scrimshaw Pilsner -
Stone Arrogant bastard IPA -
Stone India pale ale Double IPA 8.7
Stone Mocha IPA 9
Stone Americano Stout 8.7
Stone Ruination Double IPA 8.5
Stone Citrusy wit wit bier 5.3
Stone IPA IPA 6.9
Stone Pataskala Red IPA 7.3
Stone Coffee milk stout milk stout 5
Stone Ripper Pale ale 5.7
Mikkeller Wit fit wit bier 6.9
Mikkeller Simcoe - 7.3
Great divide A different hop variety - 6.2
Shipyard Chocolate milk stout milk stout 5.4
North coast Brewing Old stock ale Ale 11.2
Unibroue La fin du monde Ale 9
Unibroue Trois pistoles Ale 9
Unibroue Ephemere pomme Ale 5.5
Shorts brew Autumn Ale Amber ale -
Shorts brew Huma lupa licious IPA -
Shorts brew Soft parade Ale -
Shorts brew Cup a joe Coffee cream stout -
Shorts brew Cat's pajamas Double IPA -
Fat heads Head hunter IPA 9
Fat heads Hop Juju  Imperial Ale 9
Fat heads Bumbleberry Ale 5.3
Fat heads Head trip tripel ale 9.5
Fat heads Sunshine daydream Session IPA 4.9
Fat heads Trail head Pale ale 6.3
3 Floyds Aplha king Pale ale -
Two brothers Domaine Dupage Country ale 5.9
Two brothers In the flesh Sour ale 4.2
Two brothers Monarch White bier 4.5
Two brothers Cane and Edel Red rye ale 7
Two brothers Outlaw 2.0 IPA 6.3
Two brothers Sidekick Pale ale 5.1
Two brothers Twenty plus Pilsner 4.8
Arbor brewing Violin monster Autumn ale -
Arbor brewing Fig ja Quadruple -
Arbor brewing Mr. Delicious Double IPA -
Best damn Best damn cherry cola Hard cola 5.5
Best damn Best damn root beer Root beer 5.5
Vandermill Blue gold Hard cider -
Vandermill Apple raspberry Hard cider 5.9
Vandermill Hard cider Totally roasted -
Monaco Citrus rush Cocktail 9
Monaco Cranberry Cocktail 9
Monaco Black raspberry Cocktail 9
Samuel Adams Rebel IPA 6.5
Four loko Peach   Malt 12
Four loko Black cherry Malt 12
Four loko Grape  Malt 12
Four loko Fruit punch Malt 12
Four loko Watermelon Malt 12
Four loko Lemonade Malt 12
Four loko Mango Malt 12
Four loko Gold Malt 14
Four loko Strawberry lemonade Malt 12
Redd's Wicked Mango Hard ale 8
Redd's Wicked Black cherry Hard ale 8
Redd's Wicked Red Hard ale 8
Redd's Wicked blood orange Hard ale 8
Mike's harder Purple grape Malt 8
Mike's harder Blood orange Malt 8
Mike's harder Tennissee barrel lemonade Malt 8
Mike's harder Lemonade Malt 8
Mike's harder Cranberry lemonade Malt 8
Four loko Apple sour Malt 14
Smirnoff Spiked screwdriver Malt 8
Modelo Espesial pilsner -
Bud light lime Cherry-ahh-rita Margarita 8
Bud light lime Straw-ber-rita Margarita 8
Bud light lime Grape-ahh-rita Margarita 8
Bud light lime Apple-ahhh-rita Margarita 8
Bud light lime Mang-o-rita Margarita 8
Bud light lime Water-melon-rita Margarita 8
Bud light lime Lime-a rita Margarita 8
Haileman's Old style Beer -
Steel reserve Hard pineapple Ale -
Steel reserve 211 Lager 8.1
Fosters Fosters Lager -
Golden pheasant Golden pheasant Slovak beer 5
Joose Original Malt 14
Joose Black berry Malt 14
Red stripe Red stripe Jamacian lager -
Camo Black ice beer 10.5
Camo Silver ice 24 beer 10.6
Honey brown Honey brown Lager -
Sapporo Sapporo Beer -
Old english HG800 Malt 8
Avery India pale ale Pale ale 6.5
Avery Ellie's Brown ale 5.5
Avery White rascal White ale 5.6
Avery Liliko' I kepolo White ale 5.6
Avery Old jubilation ale Ale 8.3
Avery El gose Sour ale 4.5
Bell's Special double cream Sweet stout 6.1
Bell's Consecrator doppelback Doppelback beer 8
Bell's Java stout Coffee stout 7.5
Bell's Expedition Stout 10.5
Bell's Lager of the lakes Pilsner 5
Bell's Porter Porter 5.6
Bell's Two hearted ale IPA 7
Bell's Hopslam Ale -
Bell's Third coast ale Ale 10.2
Bell's Amber ale Amber ale 5.8
Bell's Roundhouse Red ale -
Alesmith Lil devil Pale ale -
Alesmith Nut brown English ale -
Southern tier Imperial ginger beer ginger beer 8.5
Southern tier Raspberry white ale Wheat beer 4.6
Southern tier 2X IPA Double IPA 8.2
Southern tier IPA IPA 7
Southern tier 2X Stout Double milk stout 7.5
Southern tier Nu skool IPA IPA 6
Hop syndrome Pils lager Lager 4.5
Epic Element Pale ale 5.2
Epic Son of a baptist Coffee stout 8
Epic Los locos Lager 4.8
Southern tier Creame brule'e milk stout 10
Weyerbacher Last Chance IPA 5.9
New holland Dragons milk Bourbon stout 11
New holland Pilgrims dole Wheatwine ale 12
Founders Porter Porter 6.5
Founders Curmudgean old ale 9.8
Founders Centennial IPA 7.2
Founders Azacca Pale ale 7
Founders Breakfast stout Stout 8.3
Founders Harvest ale Hopped ale 7.6
Founders Froot wood Cherry ale -
Founders Dirty bastard Ale 8.5
Dark horse Crooked tree IPA 6.5
Dark horse Double crooked tree IPA 12
Dark horse The german hobo Malt liquor 9.5
Dark horse Plead the 5h Imperial stout 11
Dark horse Tres blueberry stout Stout 7.5
Dark horse Too cream stout Cream stout 7.5
Dark horse Black ale Black ale 7.5
New holland Hop tronix IPA 9
Weyerbacher 21 Stout 11.9
Weyerbacher Berry monks Tripel 9.3
Weyerbacher Quad Quadrupel ale 11.8
Weyerbacher IPA IPA 5.5
Weyerbacher Merry monks Tripel ale 9.3
Weyerbacher Sunday mole stout Stout 11.3
Weyerbacher Sunday morning stout coffee stout 12.7
Weyerbacher Bluthering idiot barley wine 11.1
Weyerbacher Easton brown and down Brown ale 5.6
Weyerbacher Insanity Ale 11.1
Weyerbacher Heresy Imperial stout 8
Weyerbacher Tiny Imperial stout 11.8
New holland Black tulip Tripel ale 10.5
New holland Imperial hatter IPA 10
New holland Night tripper Imperial stout 11.5
New holland Dragons milk reserve Bourbon stout 11
Evil twin Yang IPA 10
Anderson valley Briney melon gose gose 4.2
Prairie Okie Brown ale 12
Dark horse Rain in blood orange pale ale 5
Griffin cider works burley man cider 6.99
Weyerbacher Old heathen Imperial stout 8
Kentucky Ale Bourbon ale 8.2
Robinson's brewery Iron maiden trooper (tin) Brittish beer 4.7
New holland Jackalod Pumpkin ale 5.2
Rogue Santa's private reserve ale -
Dogfish head Saison du buff saison 6.8
Southern tier Tangier IPA 4.6
Heavy seas Below decks barley wine 12.2
Heavy seas Winter storm Ale 7.5
Petrus Aged ale Ale 7.3
Avery Tweak Coffee stout 16
3 Floyds Space station Middle finger Pale ale -
Maine beer co. Peeper ale ale 5.5
Great divide Chocolate oak aged yeti Imperial stout 9.5
Jackie'Os Gose beer 5.2
3 Floyds Blot out the sun Imperial stout -
3 Floyds Toxic maltz Belgian ale -
3 Floyds Necron 99 scortch ale -
3 Floyds Shake IPA -
Fort collin's Chocolate stout ale Aged imperial ale 10.5
Avery The beast grand cru oak aged ale 16.8
Deschutes The abyss Imperial stout 13.3
Deschutes The abyss reserve Imperial stout 11.1
Harpoon Barleywine aged ale 12
North peak Siren Amber ale 5
Cisco brewers Whale's tale Pale ale 5.6
Hi-wire lo-pitch IPA 4.9
Publiner Dunkles exportbier bier 4.9
Against the grain Poundsign Lager 4
Founders Pale joe Coffee pale ale 5.4
Dogfish head Olde school Barley wine ale 15
3 Floyds Robert the bruce Scottish ale -
Chouffe N'ice Dark ale 10
Leinenkugels Bavarian dunkel Dark lager -
North coast Brewing PranQster Golden ale 7.6
Ommegang Hennepin Farmhouse saison 7
Ommegang Chocolate indulgence Stout 7
Wild blue Wild blue Blueberry lager 8
Troegs Jovial IPA 6.2
Troegs First cut IPA 6.2
Troegs Troegenator doublebock beer 8.2
Troegs Nugget nectar Ale 7.5
Troegs Dream weaver Wheat beer 4.8
Troegs Hop back Amber ale 6
Troegs Perpetual IPA 7.5
Troegs Java head Stout 7.5
Abita Purple haze Raspberry lager 4.2
Abita Mardigras Bock 6.5
Abita Strawberry lager lager 4.2
North high Hefeweizen wheat beer 5.1
North high IPA IPA 6.8
North high Pale ale Pale ale 5.5
North high Tree tapper Maple brown ale 6.2
North high Milk stout milk stout 5.3
Petrus Old Bruin aged ale 5.5
Green flash Sea to sea lager 4
Green flash Palate wrecker IPA 9.5
Green flash West coast IPA Double IPA 8.2
Green flash Soul style IPA IPA 6.5
Green flash Tangerine soul style IPA IPA 6.5
Jdub's Fruits of florida Blueberry IPA 6.6
The brew kettle White rajah IPA 6.8
The brew kettle Kitka Coconut choc. Milk stout 5.75
The brew kettle All for one IPA -
Founders Rubaeus   5.7'
Long trail Limbo IPA IPA 7.6
Oska blues G'knight Imperial red IPA 8.7
Flying dog Snake dog IPA IPA 7.1
Flying dog Raging bitch Belgian IPA 8.3
Flying dog The truth Imperial IPA 8.7
Flying dog Lucky s.o.b. Irish red ale 5.5
Flying dog Denali Imperial IPA 8
Flying dog Salt and pepper Tripel 8.2
Flying dog Double dog Double IPA 11.5
Flying dog Naughty Egg nog ale 8.4
Flying dog Nice Holiday milk stout 7.2
Ballast point Grapefruit sculpin IPA 7
Ballast point Sculpin IPA 7
Ballast point Habanero sculpin IPA 7
Ballast point Calm before the storm cream ale 5.5
Ballast point Dorado Double IPA 10
Ballast point Barmy Golden ale 12
Ballast point Pineapple sculpin   7
North peak Hoodoo Wet hop IPA 8
Lagunitas pils   Pilsner 6
Lagunitas Hop stoopid Ale 8
Lagunitas Maximus IPA 8.2
Lagunitas Censored Copper ale 6.7
Lagunitas IPA IPA 6.2
Lagunitas Little sumpin' sumpin' ale Ale 7.5
Lagunitas Pale ale Pale ale 6.2
Lagunitas Lagunitas sucks brown sugga sub. 8
Lagunitas 12th of never ale Ale 5.5
Lagunitas Citrusiness Pale ale -
Innis and Gunn Rum aged Beer 6.8
Innis and Gunn Original Scottish beer 6.6
Innis and Gunn Bourben barrel aged Rich ale 7.4
Innis and Gunn Irish whiskey beer Scottish stout 7.4
Dominion Oak barrel stout Stout 5.5
Dominion Morning glory expresso stout 8
Dominion Double D  Double IPA 8
Chimay Dore'e Ale 4.8
Delirium Noel Belgian ale 10
Bouranier Bouranier Red ale 7
Boucanier de Bouranier Collection Variety pack - 9
Chouffe Mc chouffe bruin beer 8
Chouffe La chouffe Blonde beer 8
Chouffe Houblon chouffe Triple Ipa 9
Scaldis Noel Belgian ale 12
Corsendonk Agnus Tripel 7.5
Corsendonk Pater Dubel 6.5
St. Bernardus Abt. 12 abbey ale 10
St. Bernardus Tripel abbey ale 8
La trappe White trappist Trappist 5.5
La trappe Isis' or trappist Trappist 7.5
La trappe Dubbel Dubbel 7
La trappe Quadrupel Quadrupel 10
St. feuillien Tripel hop Golden ale 9.5
Piraat Piraat belgian ale 10.5
Duvel Original Golden ale 8.5
Duvel Tripel hop Golden ale 9.5
Kasteel Chocolate quad barista Chocolate Quad 11
Kasteel Rouge Belgian ale 11.2
Kasteel Tripel Belgian ale 11
Gulden draak Ale Ale 10.5
Gulden draak 9000 Quadruple ale Quadruple ale 10.7
Stiegl Grapefruit Radler Malt -
Wild root Original Alcoholic Root beer 5
Trademark Bass Pale ale 5.1
Ithica Appricot wheat Wheat ale -
Stiegl Pils Pilsner -
Rogue Dead guy ale Ale -
Rogue Hazelnut brown nectar Brown ale 5.6
Deschutes Fresh squeezed IPA IPA 6.4
Deschutes Red chair NWPA Pale ale 6.2
Victory Dirt wolf Double IPA 8.7
Victory Golden monkey Tripel 9.5
Victory Hop ranch IPA 9
Victory 21st Birthday IPA IPA 6.1
Lager heads Bed head red Red ale 5.9
Anderson valley Blood orange gose orange ale 4.2
Anderson valley The kimmie the yink and the holy gose Ale 4.2
Stone el camino (un) real Dark ale -
21st amendment Fireside chat winter spiced ale 7.9
21st amendment Brew free or die Blood orange IPA 7
Samuel smith Organic pale ale Pale ale 5
Samuel smith India ale Ale -
Wells Banana bread beer   5.2
Wells Sticky toffee pudding ale Ale 5
Samuel smith Old brewery tadcaster Taddy porter -
Hofbraudunkel Original Beer -
Hofbraudunkel Dunkel Beer -
Paulaner Hefe-weizen Wheat beer 5.5
Paulaner Original monich lager 4.9
Jever Jever Pilsner -
Weihenstephaner Vitus beer 7.7
Weihenstephaner Hefe weissbier beer 5.4
Weihenstephaner 1516 rellerbier beer 5.6
Weihenstephaner Original premium beer 5.1
Weihenstephaner Pilsner Pilsner 5.1
Highland Pilsner Pilsner 5.1
Christian moerlein Pacer Citra pale ale -
Schneider weisse Wheat beer specialties Wheat beer -
Anchor California lager lager 4.9
Bard's Bard's malt -
O mission Lager  Lager 4.6
O mission IPA IPA 6.7
New grist Pilsner Gluten free pilsner -
Thirsty dog Siberian night Imperial stout 10.9
Thirsty dog Raspberry ale Ale 3.9
Thirsty dog Labrador lager Dortmunder 6
Thirsty dog Old choco Mint choc. Milk stout 5.5
Thirsty dog Irish setter red Irish red ale 5.9
Riegle Privat beer 5.2
O.K. beer okocim Full pale beer 5.6
Tyskie Tyskie beer -
Old speckled hen Old speckled hen Fine ale 5
Praga Praga Czech pils 4.7
Maumee bay Total eclipse Breakfast stout -
Maumee bay Glass hopper IPA -
Maumee bay Cherry vanilla porter Porter -
Maumee bay Armarillo brillo Double IPA -
Maumee bay Blood orange Imperial wit -
Samuel Adams Cherry wheat Wheat ale 5.3
Samuel Adams Boston lager lager 5
Samuel Adams Hopscape Wheat ale 5.5
Samuel Adams Cold snap White ale 5.3
Samuel Adams Rebel rouser IPA IPA 8.4
Samuel Adams Rebel juiced IPA IPA 6.2
Du claw Mysterium Ale 5
Pennsylvania Chocolate meltdown Milk choc. Stout -
Du claw Blood orange neon gypsy Blood orange IPA 6.5
Du claw Hell on wood Aged barleywine ale 13.1
Samuel Adams Brewnited Variety pack -
Blue point Pumpkin ale Pumpkin ale 5.5
Blue point Toasted lager Lager 5.2
Mississippi mud Mississippi mud Porter/pilsner -
Rhinegeist Pure fury Pale ale 5.7
Rhinegeist Panther Porter 5.8
Rhinegeist Truth IPA 7.2
Rhinegeist Courage Blonde ale 4.8
Rhinegeist Dad Holiday ale 6
Rhinegeist Mosaic Pale ale 5.6
Rhinegeist Knowledge Imperial IPA 8.5
Groisch Groisch lager 5
Franziskaner weissbier Naturtrub Weissbier -
Bitburger Bitburger Draft beer 4.8
Radeberger Radeberger Pilsner -
Small town Not your fathers root beer Root beer 5.9
Small town Not your fathers ginger ale ginger beer 5.9
Traveler Aloha pineapple shandy Wheat ale 4.4
Traveler Grapefruit shandy Ale 4.4
Samuel Adams Nitro IPA Bright and citrusy IPA 7.9
Leinenkugels Big eddys Cherry doppelschwarz 8.5
Leinenkugels Grapefruit shandy Shandy 4.2
Leinenkugels Summer shandy Shandy 4.2
Leinenkugels Watermelon shandy Shandy 4.2
Kona Big wave Golden ale 4.4
Blue moon Belgian white ale Belgian white ale 5.4
Blue moon Summer honey wheat  Wheat ale 5.2
Latitude 42 Party at the moon tower Double IPA 8.4
Stoudts Fat dog Imperial oatmeal stout 8.2
Stoudts Double IPA Double IPA 9.43
Stoudts Pils Pilsner -
Elevator Three frogs Triple IPA 6.9
Rough draft Hop therapy IPA 6.9
Alaskan Icy bay IPA IPA 6.2
Alaskan Husky IPA IPA 6.2
Alaskan Hopo thermia Double IPA 8.5
Alaskan Heritage coffee brown Coffee ale 7
Long trail Long trail ale Amber ale 5
Genesee brew house Salted caramel chocolate porter Chocolate porter 6.5
Clown shoes Chocolate sombrero Chocolate stout 9
Clown shoes Galactica IPA IPA 8
Market garden Citramax IPA 6.7
Market garden Midnight vorlauf Coffee porter 6.5
Market garden Wallace tavern Scotch ale 8
Market garden Prosperity Wheat ale 6
Uinta Dubhe Imperial black IPA 9.3
Uinta Detour double IPA Double IPA 9.5
Kona Longboard lager 4.6
Kona Koko brown Ale 5.5
Shocktop Raspberry wheat Wheat ale 5.2
Shocktop Lemon shandy Shandy 4.2
Shocktop Belgian white ale Wheat ale 5.2
Rochester milk beer co. Blueberry pancake Milkshake stout -
Genesee brew house Scotch ale Malty ale 7.5
Genesee brew house Double bock doublebock beer 7
Staropramen Prague Beer 5
Mike's lite Hard lemonade Malt 5
Mike's lite Hard black cherry lemonade Malt 5
Mike's  Hard lemonade Malt 5
Mike's Hard black cherry lemonade Malt 5
Mike's Hard watermelon lemonade Malt 5
Peroni Peroni Beer 5.1
The dayton beer co. Oregon alley IPA IPA 8
Truly Pomegranate Spiked sparkling water 5
Truly Grapefruit and pomero Spiked sparkling water 5
Lost coast Watermelon Wheat ale 5
Smirnoff ice Screwdriver Malt 5.8
Smirnoff ice Green apple Malt 4.5
Smirnoff ice Raspberry Malt 4.5
Smirnoff ice Original Malt 4.5
Gosling Ginger beer ginger beer -
Royal jamaican Ginger beer ginger beer 4.4
Twisted tea Original Malt 5
Twisted tea Frosted cherry Malt 5
Twisted tea Half and half Malt 5
Redd's Apple ale Apple ale 5
Redd's Ginger apple ale Apple ale 5
Henry's hard soda Hard grape Hard soda 4.2
Henry's hard soda Hard orange Hard soda 4.2
Dirty Bastard ipa 8.5     4 pk Ruby in color. Complex in finish, with hints of smoke and peat http://foundersbrewing.com/our-beer/dirty-bastard/    
  Rubaeus ipa 5.7     9 pk can This stunning berry-red masterpiece is the perfect blend of sweet, tart and refreshing http://foundersbrewing.com/our-beer/rubaeus/    
  Redankulous  ipa 9.5     4 pk This bold, 9.5% imperial red IPA.The spicy, piney and tropical complexities of Chinook, Mosaic and Simcoe hops hit you right away with their dank aroma http://foundersbrewing.com/our-beer/redankulous/